We Are Silvia.

Silvia spawns from the collaboration between 4 innovative and experienced musicians from across the globe.  Combining the traditional music of their homes (India, New York City, Czech Republic & New Orleans), as well as a facility and love of new composition and improvisation, Silvia stretches the boundaries of genre and culture, through acoustic compositions and electric improvisations.

Percussionist Darbuka Siva contributes the rhythms and phrasing of south India, where his work spans from Indian Classical music to traditional Tamil folksongs to experimental works with Bengali Baul musicians. Bassist Greg Chudzik is deeply rooted in the New York City music scene, where he has performed, recorded and composed music with some of the citys finest jazz, rock and classical musicians. Vocalist and Composer, Lucie Pachova draws from her background in Central European folk music, while performing and creating new works as a multi-media artist, composer and free-improviser. Saxophone/Clarinetist Aurora Nealand is deeply rooted in the New Orleans music scene, where she is often recognized for her performance in the Traditional Jazz scene, as well as free-improvisation and composition. Matthew Jefferson (aka YC The Cynic) from Bronx, NYC has become a torchbearer for progressive hip-hop music. Known for his quick-witted lyricism, YC has been on a mission to revitalize the birthplace of hip-hop culture.

Silvia met when they were each selected to participate in the One Beat Residency Program in 2013. One Beats seeks to provide “a chance for adventurous musicians from an incredible diversity of traditions to seek common ground by creating new musical combinations, pushing the boundaries of music technology, and finding ways to involve all members of society in the process of musical creativity.” Through improvising and exchanging songs and ideas about one another’s musical traditions, the members of Silvia found a fluency and common language to create a new expressive sound. They have toured and performed across the East Coast of the United States, from Florida to New York City, and look forward to bringing their unique music to other parts of the world.